How can I use OkFunnels to capture leads on auto-pilot mode?

Websites are dead, nobody is able to convert prospects into leads using websites anymore. Instead of accepting this truth, you are most likely to waste a lot of time and energy into making websites generate enquiries and sales. This most probably, is never going to happen.

OkFunnels revolve around marketing philosophy of helping your customer purchase the product vs. hard selling the product.

OkFunnels is a complete marketing suite that will help you build highest converting lead pages that won’t let your visitor get out without capturing their contact information. OkFunnels can be used to build your entire Marketing Funnel within minutes, be it top-of-the-funnel or backend-funnels that generates hard cash.

Top of the funnel configuration – OkFunnels can be used to build top-of-the-funnels lead pages like:

  1. Webinar Funnels
  2. Consultation Funnels
  3. Direct Lead Gen Funnels
  4. Funnel to deliver lead magnets
  5. Squeeze pages
  6. etc.

Backend Funnel configuration –

  1. Video Sales letter upsell pages
  2. Upsell pages
  3. Down sell pages
  4. Direct sell pages – with Payment gateway integration

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