This will guarantee your downfall!

You know what they say, if you don’t make money while you sleep, you won’t go far enough. This same thing goes with the lead generation. If you are not generating leads while you are sleeping, or having lunch.. or having bath, or doing nothing! I am sorry to break it out to you that you won’t make it Big.

Manish, but what’s that “One” advice you have for me?

My advice to you is, change your mindset. It is not at all difficult to generate leads and acquire paying customers. If you don’t agree with me, just look around and you’ll find hundreds of other business owners making it big in your Niche. Isn’t it?

What’s stopping you from achieving what others have already achieved? – There are two things that you are missing..

1st “Mindset” – If you are like those people who give up pretty quick, its a bad news.

I had to give away my 6+ years before I understood the game ~ “But Manish, does it mean I’ll have to struggle for more than 6 years?” – the quick answer is NO! – because, if someone told me the secrets to generate leads six year ago, I would have skipped my 6 years of confusion and focused on the right thing..

Your mindset should not be to learn “new things” and do hard work – but, your mindset should be to crack that one “Secret” which you don’t know yet, but once you know that, you’ll be 10 years ahead in the game.

2nd “Automation” – Do not! I repeat do not waste your time on operations like lead generation, customer experience management, sales & marketing. Because these operations can be 100% automated.

Just imagine your marketing to be 100% automated, you will generate leads even when you are sleeping – I know at this moment you’ll be thinking – “I don’t even generate a single lead, how will I generate leads while I am asleep” That’s not your fault, that’s because you haven’t cracked that “secret” yet.

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