The only way to generate quality leads is..

I jumped on a call with Leena, and she immediately started complaining about her marketing guy for not being able to generate enough leads to survive..

When I told her about this one thing.. Everything Changed!

The reason why she was complaining, is because Leena wasn’t able to figure out what is the “Real” problem, and what needs to be done to fix this.

However, there’s one simple framework which can immediately tell you where’s the problem in your lead generation process. I call this framework “Traffic, Lead magnet”

1st Potential Problem “Traffic” – You don’t own enough traffic, that is, you don’t have enough people roaming around your store, website or business WhatsApp. The more people you have in your list, the more chances you’ll have to converting those people into leads. Right? This is the simple principle of “Volume” strategy.

2nd Potential problem “Lead magnet” – Once you solve this 1st problem of “Traffic” – you now need to grab attention of that traffic towards your product/ service by providing free value. You don’t want to sell them right away because nobody wants to be sold! There is no better way to attract the “Traffic” by providing free value. You can provide free value by giving away lead magnets like free Ebooks, 30 min consultation calls, Free webinars etc.

Million $ Advice – When you want to generate leads, don’t focus on selling your product/ service, but focus on educating your potential customer on how to solve that problem. 

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